Namjena za: brzo postavljanje kotača brdskoga bicikla na okvir ili vilicu bez alata.
Za brzo postavljanje prednjeg i stražnjeg kotača brdskoga bicikla na okvir ili vilicu bez alata.

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KompatibilnostZa prednji i stražnji kotač brdskoga bicikla.
ČvrstoćaSastav: 80 % čelik, 20 % aluminij.
Jednostavno sastavljanje / rastavljanjeZa šuplju osovinu 9 mm. Omogućuje skidanje kotača bez forsiranja i bez alata
Jamstvo2 Godine
Informacije / Koncept / Tehnologija
Struktura : 80.0% Čelik, Struktura : 20.0% Aluminij
Razvrstaj po:
Strong, Lightweight, Reliable
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A very good quality product at an affordable rate, the skewer is a must have for all kinds of riders as it enables the wheels to be detached quickly either on road for quick repairs of flats, or for a quick service at a shop or a quick bike and chain wash. However one needs to secure both the wheels to the frame with a good quality spiral/cable lock to prevent theft. Solid axles can be changed to hollow axles and there these skewers can be used without difficulty.
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