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Solidity Otpornost100% PU: otporna na trenje. Vodootporna.
osjećaj za loptuUgodna na dodir.
PreciznostPouzdana putanja.
Jamstvo2 Godine

Težina0,27 kg.
Informacije / Koncept / Tehnologija
Sintetički strojno šivani materijal.
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two balls received had defective stitching
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I had to order on line since it was not in any stores in south of England. The first one I ordered had a stitching defect and I returned it without using it. I ordered another to pick up on returning the first and it had a very similar defect although not as prominent so I used it but after 2 weeks of playing the stitching came apart in the area of the defect. I am quite sure that if I order another on line it will arrive defective.
apart from the defect the balls were fine..
I had to pick up and return defective balls twice
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Ben Hatton Team Sports Market Manager DECATHLON
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